PEEK™ Products

PEEK Products

Injection molded PEEK tubes in Stock

G.S.F. Plastics carries a significant stock of tubes with back-up ring cross-sections. Check our stock on Virgin and Glass filled PEEK tube stock. G.S.F. offers custom cross-sectioned tubes “off the shelf” at competitive prices for quick turnaround jobs for v-seals and back-up rings.

Among the many engineered materials GSF offers, PEEK is by far the highest performing plastic. PEEK™, a high-performance thermoplastic materials, is a tough polymer used in application where high compressive strength and high heat resistance are desired.

The GSF 1200 SERIES offers the superior high-temperature properties of PEEK™ material, while the 2200 SERIES, with its high Tg (Glass Transition Temperature) offers an improved performance at elevated temperatures. The 2200 SERIES materials will take the outstanding properties of PEEK™ to temperatures and pressures well above that of conventional PEEK™. Both materials can be either injection-molded in diameters to 8.000" or compression-molded in larger diameters up to 40".

Both the GSF 1200 and GSF 2200 materials are available unfilled, or blended with Fiberglass, Carbon, Graphite, and PTFE. Each additive is used to enhance the exceptional properties of PEEK™ in a particular application. Glass fibers add rigidity. Carbon fibers or Graphite allow for improved wear resistance. And the combination of PTFE, graphite and glass fibers give finished parts added lubricity, rigidity and enhanced wear.

With ever-expanding capabilities, G.S.F. Plastics continues to offer its customers the highest quality materials and customer service.

PTFE and compounds:
  • Virgin
  • Modified PTFE
  • Polyamide filled
  • Carbon
  • Bronze
  • Glass Fiber
  • Molybdenum
  • Natural
  • Glass filled
  • Mid Temp
  • PTFE and Glass Fiber
  • Low Temp
  • Carbon filled
  • Virgin
  • Glass Fiber
  • Carbon Fiber
  • PTFE filled
  • Carbon/Graphite/PTFE
  • PTFE/Glass

Stress Free 30% Glass Filled PEEK

Compression Molded PEEK Reference Guide 1201
Glass Filled
Specific Gravity D-792 1.5
Tensile Strength @ Yield PSI D-638 2300
Tensile Strength @ Break PSI D-638 2300
Elongation @ Yield % D-638 3
Elongation @ Break % D-638 3
Flexural Modulus PSI D-790 1450
Impact Strength PSI D-256 8/10
Compressive Strength PSI D-695 30500
Hardness Shored D-2240 89
Coeficient of Linear Thermal Expansion 2.2X10E-5
Melting Temp Deg C. D-4591 343
Youngs Modulus PSI D-638 1,160,302
Heat Deflection Temp Deg. C D-648 315
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